About Us

With its origins in 1990, AIIM was founded with an idea to provide “Everything you need to deliver your message” to their clients. 

AIIM was, and still is, a leading edge commercial print house that helps you maximize your return on marketing investments.  Unmatched quality, depth of service and speedy turnarounds gives us an edge over the competition.

Over time, the industry changed and we entered the digital era.  The world we live in transcends geographical borders and marketing communication is more integrated than it’s ever been before. 

Early on, we foresaw the need to shift our business focus from basic print applications to more sophisticated print and direct marketing capabilities.  Which is why we’ve adapted and evolved into an integrated marketing company. As our clients’ needs evolved over the years, so did our services.  We take the time to understand your business, evaluate your needs, manage your printing and direct mail programs and measure the results to ensure that we’re helping you get the most out of our relationship.

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