Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Approach

To help our customers achieve their print communications and direct marketing objectives by leveraging the evolutionary relationship of print, data and integrated marketing. To continuously deliver on our customer commitment of high quality, best value and improved time to market. We always focus on helping our customers do more every day while maintaining our integrity and focus on our customers, our community, our employees and the environment.

Guiding Principles

  • Focus on the customer
  • Deliver on customer commitments
  • Provide the best value for our services
  • Continuously refine business and manufacturing process
  • Invest in employees through training, development and leadership
  • Ensuring our employees are committed and passionate about servicing our customers
  • Invest in new and existing service offerings
  • Develop innovative technology solutions
  • Help our customers do more

Environmental and Green Initiatives

The AIIM Group (AIIM) has been green-minded for well over a decade. Its owners are committed to investing in initiatives that focus on the environment, conservation and the continual improvement of its technology. AIIM was an early adopter of Computer-To-Plate technology with the first CTP device installed in 2001. Less than 2 years later all film imaging devices were removed, eliminating both film and chemical processing requirements. This further eliminated the need to recycle the film (Mylar, plastic and silver recovery). Today, AIIM is proud that 100% of our projects utilize the industry’s most advanced, filmless workflow. In 2005, AIIM became an ‘alcohol-free’ plant by eliminating the use of harmful isopropyl alcohol, a chemical in common use throughout the industry, from its press dampening systems. After two years of research and testing AIIM became the first major printer in their market to be completely ‘alcohol-free’. Additionally, AIIM’s presses utilize only vegetable based inks and coatings are water based products.

In 2006, AIIM’s new offices were constructed using energy-efficient lighting throughout. Each individual office, open cubicle area and even the washrooms were further equipped with motion sensors that automatically control the lighting. This has proven to be far more energy efficient than the previous “last one to leave, turns off the lights” method. AIIM’s state-of-the-art production facility is computer controlled for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and humidity to ensure optimal energy efficiency. In 2009 the production facility underwent a massive lighting upgrade, replacing over 230 old and out-dated fluorescent and metal halide fixtures with more energy efficient T-8 fluorescent fixtures. The net result was substantially reducing its energy consumption by over 46,000 KWH. This equates to a reduction of approximately 31.8 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

For those familiar with the printing industry, you are aware of the large number of printer towels (rags) pressmen use during the clean-up of the presses. Ink and chemical soaked rags by the dozens are the norm for a pressroom but they are also becoming increasingly more difficult to deal with. Some companies have turned to using new rags but have the soiled rags hauled off-site and incinerated. Other companies have gone the more-expensive route of using disposable rags which not only cost a great deal more but they still must be disposed of. AIIM has chosen to partner with a leading-edge company that not only cleans the rags, so they can be reused, but the water used in the cleaning process is captured and treated and reused. AIIM continually looks for ways to green itself. Be it as simple as maintaining its ISO 9001:2008, collecting all waste paper and cardboard materials in a paper compactor, which is then hauled off-site by a major recycling organization, all hazardous material including oil, inks, cleaning solvents are disposed by a Ministry approved waste removal company; replacing all desktop printers and large format printer/copier/fax/scanners with models that are Energy Star rated. And yes, of course the old printers were recycled properly! From material acquisition, to manufacturing, to destination forward use and disposal, AIIM makes responsible choices that support the Environment.


One of AIIM’s greatest differentiators is the strength of our team. In order to best
service the needs of our customers, AIIM selects key personnel with an
extraordinary depth of experience. Our mission is to not only attract the key
personnel but also to further develop and maintain their services as can be
demonstrated in the large number of long-term employees. Long-term employees
demonstrate a strong knowledge base, provide a strong support system and
reflects a positive and stable work environment.
AIIM practices the principle of equal opportunity in all human resources
management actions, regardless of person’s race, ancestry, place or origin, colour,
ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital and family
status, religion, record of offences or handicap. Please refer to Policy 3.0 Equal
Opportunity Employer for additional information.
AIIM considers the voice of the employees a valuable resource and uses the input
from town hall style meetings to help maintain objectives and goals within the
company. Respect between employees and management, strong teamwork
initiatives and performance are strong driving forces behind the AIIM successes.
Healthy Work Environment
AIIM is dedicated to creating a workplace that is safe, fair and enriching. Safety
procedures and programs are monitored and improved on a regular basis to ensure
our employees work safely. The AIIM Health and Safety Policy communicates the
commitment to the prevention of occupational illness and injury. The AIIM Group’s
commitment to excellence for our customers, employees and our community is
demonstrated by our focus to continually improve: Wellness, Health, Safety,
Environment and Quality for all stakeholders.
Community Involvement

AIIM’s vision is to have strong community involvement and support and promote
community initiatives both on a Corporate level and have the employees participate
on an individual level.
Corporate Involvement:

  • Sponsorship of Organized Youth Sport Teams
  • Sponsorship of Hospital Activity Book
  • Support for SickKids Foundation Initiatives and Programs
  • Support for Down Syndrome Association of Toronto Initiatives and Programs
  • Support for United Way Initiatives and Programs
  • Support for Company Devoted to Eliminating Bullying
  • Donations to Community Based Hospital
  • Supporting Families at Christmas
  • Supporting various community walkathons

Employee Involvement:

  • Food Drive for Neighbourhood Network
  • Toy Drive for Neighbourhood Network and Children’s Aid Society
  • Fundraising and sponsorship of families at Christmas