Data-Driven Direct Mail

At AIIM we strive to help you produce printed material that causes an action – a sale, a booking of a service, a request for information. What makes these pieces successful is the use of data…your own data!  To capture today’s consumers attention, you must speak to them on an individual level – the more data points you use, the more robust and engaging your piece will be.

We can help you produce the most engaging Direct Mail you’ve ever created with our select products; from our new Continuous Inkjet Technology that allows complete data variability and costs the same as printing shells and lasering in black and white, to innovative delivery methods, to ushering your clients to content rich websites with the use of PURL’s and QR Codes.



Integrated with our continuous inkjet, digital or offset printing facilities, our customers gain greater ownership and accountability for their direct mail programs while improving time to market.


Utilize geo-mapping in a whole new way.  Add completely variable maps to your direct mail campaigns to drive business to local branches, sales offices or merchant partners.

PURLS & QR Codes

Integrate your direct mail pieces with QR Codes and/or PURL’s to drive to your own website.