think direct mail

It’s all about results and return on your marketing investment.  AIIM has the right tools and expertise to help you get your message out and drive new revenue.

AIIM’s unique use of continuous inkjet technology and traditional production processes ensure you have the right solutions.

We feel that the key to your success is to ensure that you use key data points you have on your clients.  A fully customized direct mail campaign will engage your customer – and can then be brought to life with the addition of digital enhancements such as PURL’s, QR codes, Augmented Reality and social sharing that can amplify your campaign responses by 50%!

New Direct Mail Production Process – Continuous Inkjet Process

When using our new continuous inkjet print technology, your Direct Mail campaigns can now benefit from total variability.  Your campaigns can include variable data sets and variable imagery – all in full colour.  This new process allows complete creative freedom AND comes at no additional cost!  Your new campaigns can be designed and printed for the same cost that you print shells and laser in black and white today.  Lastly, this process is also faster than traditional Direct Mail production – reducing your time to market by up to 50%! Read more…