Recent research shows a growing trend that consumers are buying “locally”. In fact a Kelsey Group study shows that 97% of consumers use the internet to research product and services close to home.

AIIM has developed a fully variable dynamic mapping application that allows marketers to use individualized maps within a printed piece. Although this is not something new, what is innovative is the ability to dynamically vary the points of interest displayed on the map by each individual recipient.

These points of interests can include location addresses, logos or offers and are displayed as legends on the map.  The application follows a rules-based model to allow the marketer to set parameters on the map to ensure that it has impact on the recipient.

Data Driven Marketing

Because this application is 100% data driven, the ROI to the campaign and supporting sponsors (or merchants) is measurable.  Combining recipient data with purchase data, reports can be generated based on specific merchant locations to provide detailed information about the clients behaviour.  When combined with an offer, specific to the merchant and recipient, the returns are projected to be significant since the merchant rendered can be based on buying patterns of the individual recipient.


  • Financial institutions
  • Retail
  • Organizations with loyalty programs
  • Franchises