PURLS & QR Codes


think PURL’s

Turn your generic printed material into a personalized piece or greatly enhance your already personalized creative with the addition of PURL’s.  Your material now drives your customers or prospects to a content rich website (that is also personalized!) that makes their journey a personal one.

The addition of PURL’s to your material gives you full tracking capabilities as you’ll be notified as soon as your prospects enter the PURL.

PURL’s are a strategic – and highly cost-effective – component of a multi-channel interactive marketing approach.


QR Codes

Quick Response (QR) codes can embed information within a two-dimensional space on print communications, emails or websites. When read with a QR Reader, which are now becoming regularly available on smart phones, QR codes can trigger actions like providing information, launching a website or downloading a file. Our aiimDIRECT MAIL department can generate QR Codes for all your marketing purpose.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Use QR Codes and current cross media technology to drive and continue your marketing initiatives.
  • Can be used in print communications, emails, websites and other cross media.
  • Embed personalized or generic web links.