think CONNX

The aiim•CONNX platform is a cost-effective, cross-media solution that can manage the global production and fulfillment of a wide range of marketing materials from a central location – minimizing physical waste and maximizing return on investment.  It is a modular based system that we can build to suite your companies exact needs.  See below for an introduction to the services under our aiim•CONNX banner.

Order Management System

Our Order Management System module with its online self-service interface simplifies the ordering process. Manage and order what you want, when you need it, anywhwere… anytime. Features include – document fulfillment, digital asset management, inventory management and online reporting.


Ensure your communications are producing the results you are looking for. We offer data management and analytic coordination to help you improve your response rates. Our aiim•DASHBOARD module is online and can encompass customized reports or even complex data streams.


Our aiim•ON DEMAND module centralizes the production of your business marketing collateral which guarantees the protection of your brand essentials. AIIM focuses on reducing the cycle time of your marketing campaigns and minimizes waste and costs – leaving you more time to focus on your business.


Our aiim•1:1 module uses the power of personalization to target and engage your customers with relevant information while protecting your brand. AIIM can manage all of your inbound and outbound CRM programs and collect information on your customers to improve your marketing return on investment.


Whether you are obtaining information or promoting a product or service, our aiim•PURL MARKETING module uses personalized URLs to generate increased response levels for your marketing campaign. AIIM can help personalize each page, maintain brand essentials and populate them with relevant customer information based on your data streams with full reporting and tracking.


Quick Response (QR) codes can embed information within a two-dimensional space on print communications, emails or websites. When read with the proper software, which is now becoming regularly available on SmartPhones, QR codes can trigger actions like providing information, launching a website or downloading a file. Our aiim•QR CODES module can generate static and variable QR codes for your marketing purposes.


If you’re trying to maximize the ROI of your email campaigns – and who isn’t?

Stop blasting out emails to every subscriber hoping for the best.

Our aiim•EMAIL MARKETING module will help refine your strategy by creating targeted, engaging, relevant and timely emails.


With the aiim•DIRECT MAIL module, AIIM protects your brand and data security. AIIM’s lettershop technologies and processes ensure mailing service integrity, is timely and guarantees safe and secure management of your data. We also have a complete array of bindery and finishing capabilities, so all components of your mailing are produced in one location – start to finish.


AIIM provides a best-in-class approach to distribution and fulfillment services. Place online orders through our document store front or web-to-print marketing portal and ship them all from a centralized locale. Our aiim•FULFILLMENT module is a complete warehousing solution. At AIIM, we pride ourselves in being able to cater to all of your ordering and fulfillment needs.