think interactive

With the newest techniques and technology, print is once again emerging as the new media. A printed catalogue, packaging, in-store posters, direct mail or LED displays all come to life via your smart phone, tablets or personal computers.  To bring your printed campaigns to life we add digital assets such as PURL’s, QR codes and VERUS Augmented Reality.


• Personalize your message or offer by driving your clients or prospects to your web site

• The web experience can be personalized based on your data to include names, past purchases, or their personal preferences!

QR Codes

• Like PURL’s, QR codes can be personalized for each client/prospect or generic, and are a great way to drive clients to your web site.

• With the increase in smartphone usage, QR codes use is increasing and becoming more engaging.

VERUS Augmented Reality

• The newest use of smartphone technology, VERUS Augmented Reality (AR) uses a smartphone’s camera to truly bring printed material to life!

• Add AR to your printed material to have your clients watch a company video or download a song, purchase your product right from a catalogue or call a sales person immediately.

• Add 3D effects or unique designs to capture the viewers’ attention