aiim•SMART STATEMENTS delivers a highly personalized communication experience that leverages AIIM’s professional design and programming resources and the flexibility of fully variable data-driven content to maximize reader participation and response.

aiim•SMART STATEMENTS fit business communication targets for a broad range of applications, including:

aiim•SMART STATEMENTS : Human Resources…the art of making complex HR printing clear and simple, not confusing.

A key component of any organization’s recruiting, staff retention and motivation strategy is high impact employee communications. Whether it is a Rewards, Pension or Benefit Statement or any other dynamic personalized communication, a well designed, attractive and easy to read statement with information relevant to the specific individual will always improve reader understanding, response and participation.

aiim•SMART STATEMENTS : Human Resources deliver:

  • Simplicity – clear, concise, personalized presentation of your employees’ plans
  • Flexibility – one size does not fit all; full content and format variability for each employee
  • Professionalism – attractive, full-color graphical presentation of employee data
  • Security – guaranteed confidentiality and control of sensitive employee data
  • Efficiency – you simply provide the data and AIIM does the rest for you.  Smart!


aiim•SMART STATEMENTS : Financial…the art of making complex financial printing clear and simple not confusing.
Inadequate or poorly designed financial, investor statements or other communication vehicles (investment, RESP or RRSP statements etc.) can confuse or even turn away investment clients; conversely, clear and effective communications can greatly enhance client / investor relationships and confidence.

aiim•SMART STATEMENTS:Financial deliver:

  • Simplicity: clear, concise, personalized presentation of your clients’ portfolios
  • Flexibility:  one size does not fit all; full content and format variability for each client
  • Professionalism:  attractive, full-color graphics of trend charts and tracking diagrams
  • Security:  guaranteed confidentiality and control of sensitive client financial data
  • Efficiency:  you simply provide the data and AIIM does the rest for you.  Smart!

No matter how you presently produce Investment Reports or Proposals, Portfolio Statements or other types of Financial Analysis reports, we can help you take these communications to a whole new level.

Whether you are creating single reports or multiple linked documents as part of your client communications plan we can help you improve the overall process by leveraging the latest in digital print and web technologies to create clear concise communications that improve your overall brand, reducing your client communication process costs and enhance your client user experience.

aiim•SMART STATEMENTS: Customer Statements

The Business Challenge

  • Improve promotional mail open and response rates.
  • Reduce paper consumption, mailing and statement / invoice printing costs.
  • Enhance presentation and readability of transactional printing & statement data…

…and do it all without adding new day-to-day admin tasks to already overloaded staff, modifying legacy system software and with no new incremental equipment expenditures.  Sound familiar?

The Printing Solution

Leverage the high open rates (90%+) of your printed monthly transactional statements to:

  • Cross-sell your products and services with full colour, variable promotional messages.
  • Reduce paper consumption by printing fully variable personalized promotional “onserts” right on your statements instead of adding separate printed inserts to your envelopes.
  • Eliminate the cost of dedicated promotional direct mail runs.
  • Subsidize the cost of issuing statements by selling “onsert” space to business partners

Turn ordinary printed statements and business invoices into Trans-Promo marketing tools that will drive revenue and value to your bottom line!

aiim•SMART STATEMENTS:Customer Statements delivers:

  • Message Relevance:  Customer-specific product or service offerings on each statement based on your data files
  • Performance: Improve readability of your statements with powerful, fully-variable color graphics
  • Security:  Guaranteed protection for your confidential data
  • Environmental Responsibility:  Messages are printed on the statement itself, reducing the need for additional paper inserts
  • Cost Effectiveness: Less paper, less processing time and less mailing weight drives down overall communication costs