think 1:1

Drive more effective print communications and generate a better return on your marketing investment through our aiim•1:1 integrated marketing solution.  aiim•1:1 leverage’s your CRM database to transform your marketing process from a traditional selling approach to a truly integrated marketing model.

Our aiim•1:1 programs have proven results in fostering greater customer loyalty and better return on your marketing investment dollar.

Through our aiim•1:1 integrated marketing service, we provide all the necessary tools to manage your outbound campaigns.

Your customized, personal print comes alive with the addition of digital assets such as QR codes, PURL’s and VERUS Augmented Reality.  We then enhance your campaigns with the use of aiim•SOCIAL, a social sharing tool that can help spread your message or offer virally.

Lastly, AIIM can provide your entire campaign with a number of tracking and analysis tools:

  • QR codes and PURL’s can be tracked to identify visitors who followed the links
  • aiim•SOCIAL can provide you with real-time campaign analysis
  • Tracking tools are available for VERUS Augmented Reality to provide you with viewing and click statistics