aiim•FULFILLMENT provides a best-in-class, award-winning approach to distribution and fulfillment services.  Through aiimCONNX, customers are able to place online orders through our document store front.  Some of the features include:


The Order Management System uses a catalog with “thumb-nails” of the product to make the order process simple.

Push-Pull Enabled

Orders can be pushed or pulled.  This means you can order materials online (pull) or send materials to a managed list of recipients (push).

On-Time Delivery

Orders are typically shipped within 24 hours with a less than ¼ of 1% pick rate error.

Shopping Cart

OMS uses an eCommerce enabled shopping cart for all your fulfillment and On-Demand needs.


Order confirmations, shipping confirmations (including tracking numbers) are communicated via email.

Real time Updates

Inventory is managed with real-time updates using barcode and RF (Radio Frequency) updates.

Inventory Management Tools

The OMS includes a full suite of inventory management tools and real-time reporting.

Business Rules

Customer’s unique business rules are incorporated into the OMS to ensure order integrity.