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Re-Thinking Direct Mail – Getting Engagement & Lift For Your Campaigns

Re-Thinking Direct Mail – Getting Engagement & Lift For Your Campaigns

How many pieces of mail did you receive in your mail box this week?  Of the pieces that weren’t bills, how many did you open?  Why?  What about everything else?

Let’s talk about the pieces you did open.  My guess is that the majority you did open were from companies you have a relationship with.  Now what about the rest?  Why did you open or look at the piece?  Was it personalized, colourful, unique?

This is what we as marketers have to deal with in today’s mail box.  Breaking through the clutter has always been an issue, but just getting noticed is half the battle.  You need to make your prospects or clients engage with your communications and act on your offer.  That’s why direct mail us once again the NEW media!  According to recent stats put together from Canada Post, direct mail has some of the following benefits:

- 94% of Canadians will open mail from a company they know

- 76% of people have made an online purchase as a result of direct mail

- Social Media users are 29% more likely to be heavy responders to direct mail

Creating Engagement

How do you get noticed?  You need to speak to what your client or prospect wants and turn it into an opportunity.  One way to manufacture engagement is to know what your clients or prospects want by building a CRM database prior to a mailing.  A great social tool, aiim·SOCIAL, allows you to create microsites or landing pages that include share based incentives such as Share & Win contests, coupon downloads or surveys.  The great use of adding surveys is that you can add preferential information about your clients to your database.  This information can then be used in the future for a very detailed, highly engaging direct mail campaign.

Utilizing your database to create custom direct mail campaigns is far more engaging than just using a “Dear [FIRST NAME]” salutation and producing the campaign by printing shells and lasering in black and white.  By comparison, think about the level of interest your campaign will receive when you send a mailer to individuals that includes variable images in full colour with variable copy and offers that are all directly related to the information they provided to you.  This kind of campaign is possible when utilizing Continuous Inkjet technology, a unique and new way to produce direct mail.  Compared to the traditional way direct mail is produced, Continuous Inkjet technology allows you to create these robust and engaging campaigns for the same cost that you produce a less engaging campaign by printing shells and lasering in black and white.

In addition to completely personalized direct mail, campaign engagement can be increased with the use of interactive media, such as PURL’s, QR codes and Augmented Reality.  Augmented Reality is the newest way to add digital assets and interactive content to printed material.

Through the use of augmented reality apps, like VERUS, your smartphone or tablet can bring your print to life by adding digital assets to print.  Augmented reality apps like VERUS have the opportunity to reinvent the way marketers think about print.

Imagine, instead of hoping that a client likes what they see in a retail flyer or direct mail piece and comes into your store to look at your new fall line-up, you give them the ability to view the line-up right from the direct mail piece.  VERUS will allow your clients to scan the direct mail piece with their smartphone or tablet and swipe across the screen to view different outfits or the same outfit in different colours.  Or, when viewers scan your printed material they can see a discounted offer that can be changed on the fly depending on the type of promotion being run at the time.

Generating Lift

After providing a very large WOW factor, augmented reality has the ability to go farther than the WOW and provide the client/prospect the ability to interact with your brand by moving them directly to your e-commerce site.

VERUS allows you to create true one-to-one engagement AND increase your campaign lift all with one great enhancement!

Along with creating engagement, apps like VERUS augmented reality, can also be used to generate lift for your campaigns.  Creative uses of integrated marketing will drive lift to your campaigns.  Through the use of integrated tactics, you allow your clients/prospects to engage with your brand on their terms – variable direct mail that drives to a personalized website, retail flyers that use VERUS augmented reality to give a reader the ability to send Tweets.  Or incorporate social sharing so that clients/prospects get a special discounted offer.  This way you are creating loyalty amongst your clients and asking them to work for you by sharing your brand message!

While not new, integrated marketing or cross-media campaigns are today’s best way to cut through the clutter of your client’s or prospect’s mailbox. Even better, by utilising an integrated approach you’ll differentiate yourself from your competition, create more engagement and generate measurable results to your offer.